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About the Webmaster
My interest in my community began with my family and their needs. What I found was other residents voicing the same concerns and that is why I became a Housing activist. We need to change housing conditions, the environment, our economical opportunities, our safety, our children's safety, our families safety. Our educational and training opportunities. We are not voiceless, we need to be heard

Housing By Any Other Name . . .
Housing should be a stop gap measure for our residents not a trap. Many of our residents came here to Public Housing on what they thought was a temporary basis, only to find the programs they thought were there to help them, did not, and which failed many of our residence miserably. In truth, leading them to despair, and a feeling of being let down with no way out of their predicament.

About Resident Management
It is residence fighting for their rights within housing to turn a negative experience in to a positive one for all. It includes education, economic development, a voice for resident concerns. The development of self sustainability, self esteem, turning housing from an overall dismal experience to something that offers hope, challenge, and positive change

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